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Helpful books we encourage our clients to read at home.

    How To Do The Work

    How To Meet Your Self

    Scattered Minds

    Atlas of the Heart

    A Path through Loss Workbook

    The Gifts of Imperfection

    When The Body Says No

    Love Warrior

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Frequently asked questions.

We received a lot of questions, so we created this list for you.

Counselling FAQ

How long is my counselling session and how much does it cost?

Session Fees (Individual and Couples/Families)

Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes

Individual Session Fee – $135/hr

Couples/Family Session Fee-$150/hr

Extended therapy sessions are 80 minutes

Individual extended session fee- $185.00

Couples/Family Session Fee- $200.00


Third-party reproductive fertility counselling sessions FAQ

Third-Party Reproductive Fertility Counselling Session & Fees

Third Party Fertility Counselling Sessions are 60 minutes *In-Person or Online Only*

Fertility Session Fees: -$195/hr (Includes report required for Fertility Clinic)

Why do I need a third-party reproduction counselling session?

  • Most countries have third-party reproduction guidelines for medical staff and for counsellors.  In Canada, these guidelines are set by Health Canada and by professional associations (Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society (CFAS) that specialize in reproduction and fertility.
  • In your session, specific topics are discussed prior to donation or surrogacy at a clinic. Topics include, but are not limited to: purpose, process, support, donation: unknown/known, outcome, loss, guardianship, coping: mental health history, fears, concerns, worries etc. I will provide you with information, support, and strategies to help you and the future child on this journey. It is important to note these are not therapy sessions, more psychoeducational/consultation sessions.
  • A brief report is required to be sent to your fertility clinic, which confirms you have discussed the recommended topics.

Who attends the third-party reproduction counselling session?

  • Whether you are a donor, a surrogate, or an intended parent (recipient), Canadian policies require that your legal partner attends this appointment with you. *There may be an additional joint session with all parties
  • Legal partners are defined by Health Canada as someone living with you in a marriage-like relationship (e.g., common-law, married) for at least one year.
  • Even if your relationship does not fit our government’s definition, it can be helpful to include partners in this process. This helps to ensure that everyone understands what is expected, and is especially important if you will have contact with the resulting child/other party in the future.

Why is there a report?

  • If you consent, after your session, a report will be sent to the fertility clinic of your choice.
  • The report confirms that you have discussed the required topics in your counselling session.
  • If participating in a known/directed donation or surrogacy where you know the other party, the report is specific to that arrangement. It is not transferable to other arrangements with other people.
  • The report is valid until/unless circumstances alter your arrangement significantly. For example, an updated session and report is required when any of the following changes occur: health or mental health status, legal partner, source of gametes (unknown/agency to known/directed), other party, or expectations (in known arrangements), etc. In addition, your clinic may have a time limit on reports.

Hot-Cold Contrast Therapy FAQ

How do I Hot and Cold?

  • Shower
  • Hot (Sauna)- 10 minutes- 15 max
  • Cold (Plunge Tub)- 3 minutes max
  • Repeat Hot & Cold (approx. 2-3 rounds)

How many people can use it at one time?

  • The hot-cold room is only ever booked for one reservation at a time. Either as a Solo Session (45 minutes) OR Party for 2 Session (60 minutes)

What should I bring?

  • We ask our guests to bring a shower towel and water bottle

What should I wear?

  • Please bring a bathing suit, but since you have your own private room feel free to plunge however you feel most comfortable to sweat and get cold.

How hot is the sauna?

  • The Clearlight Infrared Sauna air temperature will reach between 115- 125 /46-51C.
  • Always drink plenty of water before, during, and after a session. Doing so will replenish fluids lost from the body through perspiration.

How long can I stay in the sauna?

  • Our maximum sauna length is 15 minutes maximum. Even experienced infrared sauna enthusiasts find 15 minutes to be more than enough.

How cold is the Cold Plunge?

  • Our tub is kept at the optimal cold plunge temperature of 48F or 8.9 degrees Celsius.

How long can I stay in the cold plunge tub?

  • Our suggested cold plunge tub length is 3 minutes.

These times and temperatures are set to provide you with the optimal benefits of hot-cold contrast therapy, and the hot-cold cycle is meant to be repeated within your session.

Is it clean?

  • Yes, our hot-cold therapy room is sanitized with special non-toxic cleaning agents before and after each use, also the intense Infrared Sauna waves kill 99.9% of all bacteria. The cold plunge water is tested for cleanliness after each usage. The filter system is constantly cycling, refreshing the entire volume of water every 3 minutes.

Should I do anything before or after my hot-cold session?

  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your hot-cold session.
  • Avoid alcohol before and after your session.
  • If you fill or have a fever, we recommend to wait to use the therapy to wait to use the therapy until you feel better.

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They have provided me with a safe and inclusive space to address my mental and emotional well-being, while also acknowledging and honouring my cultural background.
Counselling at Project Self has been a lifeline for me as an Indigenous individual.
My counsellor went above and beyond to create an environment that is culturally sensitive and understanding of the unique challenges faced by Indigenous individuals.